Confessions of a former Twitter addict

Twitter DownAt 10:00 AM yesterday morning I joined Plurk. A few minutes earlier I had commented on a Sphinn story about how I was sticking with Twitter and didn’t much like the Plurk interface. Surprisingly, it didn’t take more than fifteen minutes to A) become increasingly frustrated with Twitter outages, and B) notice replies to my first few Plurks.

I found it interesting how quick dialog takes place within individual Plurk threads on the timeline, and several hours later I was whipping through Plurk like I’d been Plurking for years. It was at this point that I realized… I was hooked.

Twitter’s Biggest Enemy is… Twitter
Two things have happened with Twitter over the past few weeks that have helped me decide to spend more time Plurking. First, Twitter has been down FAR too often. Last night I went an hour and a half without access, and the weekend before I couldn’t get in via my Blackberry for hours on end. When I want to Tweet, I want to Tweet. If I can’t, I want another way to communicate. Twitter just hasn’t been there for me so I must look in other directions.

Secondly, Plurkers have been using Twitter to market their Plurk accounts, as well as the Plurk movement in general. In fact, I never would have heard of Plurk would it not have been for Twitter.

Basically what was happening is that Twitter was down so much that when it came up all I could see in my stream were tweets about Twitter being down and everyone trying Plurk instead.

So, I finally set up my Plurk account and began Plurking. I’ve checked my Tweet stream as often as possible, but it’s been down more than up lately, so I’m finding Twitter less and less valuable with each new day. Plurk, however, is quickly becoming a thriving community with far more features and the ability to actually Plurk something when it comes to mind.

Sorry Twitter… you had me, but now I’m gone.

Plurk Hard,

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