The Plurk Karma Algo

Plurk ALGODarren Rowse recently put together a post about the average stats of all top Plurkers. The following are the averages he posted.

* # of Plurks - 838
* # of Plur Responses - 3477
* # of Friend Invites - 10.2
* # of Profile Views - 689
* # of Friends - 82
* # of Fans - 56
* Length of time on Plurk - 3 months
* Also worth noting - all of the top 10 had logged in and been active within the last 24 hours. They are all active in the short term as the long term

My read from this is that by constantly staying active and being conversational, your karma will stay on the positive move.

Here is where it gets interesting… thanks to Plurk Karma Trends, I’ve discovered that your Karma will drop by simply not logging in for a day or two. You can see my Plurk User Karma Trend Graph here.

As the graph shows, my Karma started to drop Sunday morning when I began traveling to Wisconsin. Then, yesterday I went the entire day without access to wifi or internet. It wasn’t until today that I got a chance to log back in and start Plurking again.

Sure enough… my Karma is back on the rise.

So while we do not know the ALGO for Plurk Karma, we do know that it is heavily based on constant activity.

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