Plurk to UnVeil New Karma System

Many dedicated plurkers will attest the Karma system is cool but at the moment it basically just rewards activity. In a public place activity has to be of social nature to be beneficial. You could go to a busy party and just yell out disconjuncted gribbel which wouldn’t bring anything to the party and in fact would probably annoy other members.

That is what’s happening on PLURK. Many top users have the “stats” to back it up which is lot’s of responses and particularly lot’s of PLURK’s. The problem is these plurks are useless!

“I have internet”

“I wear shoes”

“Dancing banana emotion”

You get the drift. There is nothing wrong with this type of behavior as we can all monitor and choose who we wish to subscribe to. That being said those people who do use the system like that should not be rewarded and need I say NOT added to the MOST interesting list.

The list is called “Most Interesting Plurkers” well most up there aren’t interesting at all they just input a lot into the system. Is this a system to see who is more interesting or who has less a life? If it’s the latter it’s just a game of whoever builds carpal tunnel the fastest wins. Not so cool.

That being said @AMIX, one of the admins announced that soon they will be unveilling a new karma algorithm that will reward an punish good and bad usage. What is good and what is bad? They won’t go into details but they will blog about it sometime in the future.


That’s the plurk page where I got this info.

It’s absolutely CRUCIAL that they change the algorithm sooner then later because if too many early adopters / influencers see those who are becoming “TOP MEMBERS” are basically just posting spammy BS they won’t want anything to do with it.

That being said I think one of the KEYs to defining an interesting person online or ANYWHERE is how much of a response / discussion is generated from the plurks they do make? Good conversation increases stickiness of the site, time on, page loads etc etc etc… What’s good for the user is good for plurk.

Looking forward to seeing the karma algo change soon; I’m sure it won’t please all but I am hoping it will be a step in the right direction. Let’s give these guys some credit because if they were clever enough to invent / design / code / implement plurk I’m sure figuring this out will be a breeze.

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