Plurk - Why Can’t We Just Be Friends?

If someone requests friendship from you on plurk; why can’t you just accept or reject them as a friend? Why is it that they are considered a fan of yours and possibly forever listed on your page? They never clicked the fan button.

The logic behind the current process is adding a contact makes you a fan of them by default. Isn’t a fan an enthusiastic devotee, admirer or follower? Why are people being associated with this when clicking “Add Friend”? Quite a gap between the two exists; friends look eye to eye while fans look up while…

Take your favorite musicians as an example. If they met you what would they think? Does it matter? Who cares; you’re a fan because you like what they do and that’s why you follow or admire them. In this case that is done by implicitly clicking on the “Follow This Person” button.

Is Plurk’s current system creating a “fans” list? Or a list of people you “don’t care to get to know” or worse; “people who I’m sure will just send me spammy junk”? Why would I ever fan someone when the “base” is comprised of apparently undesirables? The latest algorithm even subtracts karma from you for being rejected as a friend; while awarding karma for new fans... Is this mechanism encouraging or discouraging networking? Where’s the PLURK!? (Peace, Love, Unity, Respect ,Karma)

What is a possible alternative?

If you deny a request that’s it; you’re not friends. If that denied user becomes a fan you get an alert; choose yes or no. If you deny it; they can no longer friend/fan you again. Same rules apply if a follow request is initiated first. No assumptions are made about requesters affinity for the person being added.

To add to this idea when you deny someone as a friend instead of your profile showing “Add as Friend” show “Friend Request Denied”. This “request denied” can also be used on the follow button. At any time you choose to befriend the user simply add them. They accept or deny. The less ambiguity that exists in the relationship; the better.

Plurk is new and I’m sure some things will change and some won’t. I think this is an area that could use some attention. Why do I care? I care because Plurk is better then any other network I’ve tried at actually letting you meet people; not just usernames.

I did ask this question on plurk and as expected got a mixed bag of replies.


So what’s your take on this?

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