Five Great Plurk Tools

Hello fellow Plurk Fans!

Thomas McMahon here, aka TwisterMc, and I’d like to share a few of my recent Plurk creations.

First off is the Plurk Firefox sidebar. This Firefox extension takes the mobile version of Plurk and adds it to Firefox’s sidebar for quick and easy access to Plurk. Works cross platform and in Firefox 2 & 3.

Second is the Plurk Lurker Search. In the beginning, there was no fancy API or Plurk search site, so I utilized Google Custom Search to get a basic Plurk search off the ground. Since then Plurkerati has come into play and done an excellent job of creating a more robust Plurk search. Plurk Lurker isn’t going away though.

Third is Plurkit. Plurkit takes Plurk and places it into an Adobe Air application. Much like the Plurk Firefox sidebar, it utilizes the already created mobile version of Plurk and just makes it accessible in yet another way.

Then there is SocialAddict. SocialAddict takes Plurkit and add in 10 other social sites like Twitter, Pownce, BrightKite and many more. Most users I see have at least a few social media accounts, so why not put them all in one application?

Ohh and then there was the Plurk Friends desktop I created for Pixojo. :)

These are just a few quick tools I created to help Plurkers get more out of the service. Each one is built upon existing services so I can’t really take all the credit. It’s the Plurk creators and developers that we have to thank.


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    The privacy settings give plurkers a range of options — they can even keep their profiles completely private, making Plurk more about self-expression than socializing. So far, the Plurk community seems a bit tamer than Twitter’s; still, it’s best for older teens and adults.

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