PlurkCAST Episode One Chat Transcript

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Plink Time!

Time for another Plinks Post (Plinks = Plurk Related Links). Todays Plinks will also be discussed on the PlurkCAST, which airs this afternoon at 4:00 PM central time.


-Plurk & The Blogosphere
Plurk, it’s the newest addiction on the internet. It’s allows people to meet, chat, and develop friendships that otherwise would not be possible. Plurk has allowed me to meet many people from across the world; there is nothing like seeing people from Australian say “good morning” as you Read the rest of this entry…

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Five Great Plurk Tools

Hello fellow Plurk Fans!

Thomas McMahon here, aka TwisterMc, and I’d like to share a few of my recent Plurk creations.

First off is the Plurk Firefox sidebar. This Firefox extension takes the mobile version of Plurk and adds it to Firefox’s sidebar for quick and easy access to Plurk. Works cross platform and in Firefox 2 & 3.

Second is the Plurk Lurker Search. In the beginning, there was no fancy API or Read the rest of this entry…

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Maiden PlurkCAST Today @ 4:00 PM

PlurkCASTCatch the first episode of PlurkCAST today!

5:00 PM Eastern, 4:00 Central.

Live Chat Room visit the official TalkSHOE PlurkCAST page
Call In
Phone Number: (724) 444-7444
Call ID: 21651

Eric Odom and Bloggeries of

Invited Guests:
-Keith Hanson :: Confirmed
Keith is joining us to discuss his own C#, multi-threaded API, as well as his WPF windows Plurk client. (SUPER SWEET!)

-KDFrawg :: Confirmed
KDFrawg owns

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Pollk, polls and surveys in plurk

What’s Pollk?

Easily you can identify from its name what is its attitude:
POLL purK in a more readable way Pollk allows you to start polls or surveys quickly and plurk them on your messages.

The main core of this web app is powered by Google App Engine, the new free framework by Google, and graphs are generated by Google Chart Api

You can start a survey in less than a minute, you have only to point your browser to Pollk fill the form and press create poll.

Now you have only to copy the outputs in your plurk message and the poll is ready!

Everyone of your readers is now able to vote directly hitting the links in your message and you can see the polls results thanks to the image linked in the first post.

I hope you like my work, if you want to suggest any feature or notify any bug please contact me on or directly on plurk ( gh3 plurk profile )

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For those of you who missed it Saturday, I Plurked a picture of me and the significant other Plurking away side by side on Saturday morning. You can see that Plurk and discuss it here.


As a Plurker mentioned in the thread… it is kind of Adorkable. :-)

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You can haz mobile

Plurkable Mobile

Good news Plurkable fans… we now have a mobile version of this site! To access Plurkable Mobile, simply point your mobile browser to

The new Plurkable Mobile site features a simplified version of our site that is friendly to most mobile phones that have internet connectivity.

Plurk Hard,
-Eric Odom

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