PlurkCAST Summary: 07-30-2008

EricOdom and KDFrawg put together another entertaining and informative plurkCAST yesterday. These two work well together and have good online persona’s. To think they only met a few weeks ago; on plurk! Think about yourself for a minute; how many people that you now interact with daily did you meet on plurk? Probably quite a few.

As per usual there was lot’s of discussions and interesting points brought up by several plurkers on a wide array of topics. I could go into details about the conversation but instead I invite you to listen to the podcast below.

Stay tuned for more things plurk,

- Rob

Final July PlurkCAST TODAY!!

It’s Wednesday and it’s 1:15 PM Central time… which means that is just hours away from yet another PlurkCAST!

Join PlurkCAST host Eric Odom and KDFrawg as we discuss the month of July in review for the Plurk community, and talk about all the Plurk.

As usual, the show kicks off at 5:00 PM Eastern Time, 4:00 Central. You can join us live here on the official PlurkCAST show page.

Today’s Topics:
-Plurk Mobile Upgrade
-Needy Karma
-7/29 Plinks List

Plus many more topics as well as live calls taken. If you have something you want to talk about on the show, be sure to call in and be ready to come on live.

Phone Number: (724) 444-7444
Call ID: 21651

Or CLICK HERE for the online show site.

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Plinks - 07-29-2008

I just realized that the plinks haven’t been updated in over a month; time to change that. I also just realized that I should be more careful as I had this 95% done then by accident clicked the X on my firefox tab without noticing. The horror!

Interesting Plurk Statistics - This was the catalyst for this.

I don’t care for these statistics much but they are there none the less. We all know Alexa and some of the other metrics used are flaky. They are still some of the best horrible metrics we have to use.

Welcome Back Plurker

Written by KDFrawg and company over at Plurkiverse. Give it a listen and I believe it’s the very first Plurk inspired song ever produced? Wow!

Updates Out For Plurk Mobile

I have never used plurk mobile but have heard early reports that it was clunky and cumbersome to use. Hopefully these new updates will make mobile plurking easier. Eventually everyone will be plurking from a mobile I believe. (If they own one that is).

Plurk Tips & Tricks 1 - Name Linking

I was going to say pretty basic and mainly for someone totally new to plurk. Then I saw the creator drag a name into the box and erase most of the URL and add the @. I had no clue you could do it like that. Being a fast typer I’ll probably just freestyle it but it’s good to know; just learned something new.

Plurk is Conversation Centered - Twitter is User Centered

Interesting bloggery about how Plurk is about conversations while twitter is about users. I liked how Jane mentioned she’s never had a conversation on twitter more than 2 replies deep. Come to think of it I don’t have many of that caliber or much further. It’s simply too difficult and half the time I have no clue which tweet they are replying to anyways unless the explain. Problem with explaining is it takes most of your 140 characters and leaves no room for the actual reply; I digress.

Plurk Vs Twitter - Not the same, here is why

Thoughts on the differences between Plurk and Twitter from features to behavioral patterns by Tamar.

That’s about it for now in terms of plinks. Turns out the first version I wrote of this had a few more plinks but no summaries. Looking at this finished piece I like the summaries and will continue to try and include brief ones for each plink I list. I guess everything really does happen for a reason?

Tomorrow there should be some new bloggeries as well as one about the PlurkCAST.

Stay tuned for more things plurk,


Needy Karma Turning Off Casual Plurkers?

Before reading this understand the premise for this bloggery. It’s Sunday night and I login to Plurk after a fun day and see my karma has dropped; whatever. Now I don’t have ANYTHING worthy of sharing with anyone and I’m about to go to bed. If I don’t post about something I’ll be down again. Do I really have to plurk about what I’m doing four times a day to stay in good graces on this network?

The question is what’s the experience for someone new to plurk? What about the casual user who doesn’t have friends berating them about how great it is? You register think plurk is alright; check back a day or two later with almost no karma and a big down arrow to say thanks for coming back? Regardless of what people may say most want to be a user in good standings according to the networks terms.

The karma system at Plurk is much too needy in its current state. It’s no surprise that some sources claim plurks numbers are down. This same piece also mentions that those that are into it are really into it. Sounds to me like some love plurk and will do whatever is required to stay in “positive” standings while others are being totally put off by it.

Regardless of your level of interest in karma it’s human nature to dislike negative grades. Each time a casual user or even a remotely dedicated daily user logs in; they see a negative if the last login wasn’t a few hours prior. All this wouldn’t matter if there wasn’t such stress on karma. The plurk widget you embed on your site is promoting karma, plurk’s “most interesting” list and of course access to site features are all based on karma. Seems like everything revolves around karma?

My sentiment is that if such an integral part of the site is too demanding of the users attention it’ bound to turn off many casual ones. It could also eventually turn off those in the interested / somewhat dedicated group as well; bad news for an emerging network.

I always hate it when someone complains and makes no suggestions. Here are mine: make it possible to maintain a steady score by plurking every ~48+ hours. Your karma only starts to decline(gradually) after ~48+ hours of no updates. In order to increase your karma it could be left essentially the same but preferably 1 or 2 updates a day instead of 3 or 4.

At least by writing this I have something relevant to share with my friends while avoiding karma’s wrath.

Stay tuned for more things plurk,


Plurk Haz Page Rank

I woke up this fine Saturday morning and immediately noticed that the google pagerank toolbar had updated on sites across the board. Obviously I realized Plurk had received page rank as it’s always the first and last stop on any episode I have on the interwebz.

The main plurk page didn’t do so well but I’m glad to see that the plurk blog received a page rank 6. Another thing that’s interesting is that actual plurk user profiles received page rank.

My account on plurk received a page rank of 4 and the highest I’ve seen on another member profile thus far is a 5. That being said I’ve only been on plurk for about 30 minutes since waking up so I’m sure many many many profiles have received an update.

I don’t think we need anymore proof that Plurk is BRAND NEW. When is the last time you were part of a social media network when it received it’s full page rank update? Before this update I had never seen any page rank on plurk except for maybe the front page having a 1 with the rest N/A.

I don’t see any reason why plurk wouldn’t be in good graces with the search engines but this is great news for plurk and all its users. It’s another forward step towards the inevitable day when Plurk hits critical mass.

Stay tuned for more things Plurk,

- Rob

Friday PlurkCAST Summary

There was a special PlurkCAST today discussing several aspects of Plurk as well as a change in management at Plurkable. If you’d like to listen to the plurkCAST please do so below.

It was a fun show discussing the new profile CSS customization, third party applications, plurk blog network and more.

Stay tuned for all things plurk,


Special PlurkCAST this Friday

I’ll be hosting a special Friday PlurkCAST tomorrow at 4:00 PM Central Standard time. We’ll be discussing some changes coming to, and a few other odds and ends.

You can catch the show at the official TalkShoe PlurkCAST page.