PlurkCAST Episode Three

A week has passed since the last PlurkCAST, meaning it’s time for another show. Today we’ll be touching on a plethora of Plurk related topics, and as always, we’ll be joined by a special guest.

Live Chat Room visit the official TalkSHOE PlurkCAST page
Call In
Phone Number: (724) 444-7444
Call ID: 21651

Eric Odom of Plurkable.com and KDFrawg of Plurkiverse.com

Special Guest
Connie Reece from Every Dot Connects

Today’s Topics
-Plurk Blogroll
-WendyKnits Can Haz Nirvana
-Plurk Browse Feature
-Schmoozy Plurkinista/Plurkster & Community Evangelist
-Plurker Project Update
-Plurk Junkies on Ning

We’ll be hitting on other issues as well, but these are the main. And don’t forget the PlurkCAST contest!

Please join us today at 5:00 PM Eastern, 4:00 PM Central for live chat and call ins on the PlurkCAST!

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