Plurkable Enjoys 10,000 Visits in First Month Online

June StatsIt’s hard to believe that a brand new blog focusing on a relatively new social network could do so well traffic wise in its first month online, but Plurkable.com has done just that. Granted, we haven’t seen critical mass type traffic, but again, for a brand new blog 10,000 visits in a 24 days is pretty darn impressive.

While looking through the stats I found a few notable events. I use GetClicky, Google Analytics, and Awstats, so I get a wide range of statistics and data.

The first thing I notice is that traffic from social media does not follow typical weekly trends. By that I mean that while most websites see traffic surges on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, social media traffic is wild and unpredictable. We had Sunday’s that were pretty big, and Wednesdays that were quiet.

Also interesting to note is the fact that a HUGE majority of Plurkable visitors use Firefox for browsing. 68.8% of our visitors viewed Plurkable.com via Firefox as opposed to less than 20% using Internet Explorer.

Our RSS feed e-mail subscriber count is at just under 70, which isn’t big by any means, but we’ll take it.

So in essence, I think month one here at Plurkable.com can be counted as a big success. 10,000 visits, 70 e-mail subscribers, and plenty of inbound link love… couldn’t be more pleased.

A big thanks is in order to Plurkers and the Plurk community. We couldn’t have grown this fast without you!

-Eric Odom

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