Plurk Haz Page Rank

I woke up this fine Saturday morning and immediately noticed that the google pagerank toolbar had updated on sites across the board. Obviously I realized Plurk had received page rank as it’s always the first and last stop on any episode I have on the interwebz.

The main plurk page didn’t do so well but I’m glad to see that the plurk blog received a page rank 6. Another thing that’s interesting is that actual plurk user profiles received page rank.

My account on plurk received a page rank of 4 and the highest I’ve seen on another member profile thus far is a 5. That being said I’ve only been on plurk for about 30 minutes since waking up so I’m sure many many many profiles have received an update.

I don’t think we need anymore proof that Plurk is BRAND NEW. When is the last time you were part of a social media network when it received it’s full page rank update? Before this update I had never seen any page rank on plurk except for maybe the front page having a 1 with the rest N/A.

I don’t see any reason why plurk wouldn’t be in good graces with the search engines but this is great news for plurk and all its users. It’s another forward step towards the inevitable day when Plurk hits critical mass.

Stay tuned for more things Plurk,

- Rob

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