@ Replying Just Got Easier

Just last night Plurk released the new community badges and made some interface tweaks. Woke up this morning and the A-Team is at it again. The latest upgrade is the ability to reply to someone via their info overlay. I really like this feature.

Plurk Responses from Info Overlay

When I first got in to twitter, (B.P - Before Plurk) I never got into using 3rd party apps. One of my biggest “pet peeves” about twitter was that I had to type in the persons user name each time I wanted to reply. Some people have REALLY LONG or complicated names and on top of that you have to spell it 100% correct or it won’t have the desired effect. This is coming from someone who types well over 100 words a minute; I wonder what this was like for the 2 finger typists and everyone in-between?

Now you can simply click next to the persons name until the down arrow appears; click that and choose to do an @ reply. Doesn’t get much easier than that!

Stay tuned for more things plurk,

- Rob

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