Is Plurk Losing Traction Growth Wise?

We all know I love plurk; obviously or I wouldn’t dedicate my time to writing on the subject when I”m not using the network. Recently the compete score came through and it appears that the numbers of Plurk users has in fact gone down since the last evaluation.

First let’s visit Compete.com

Date: 07/2008 People Month ? Year ? What is this?
plurk.com 267,026 -18.8% N/A

Compete shows that Plurk stats are down 18.8%

Second let’s visit Alexa.com

Feel free to click on the Alexa graph for further details. According to Alexa they are up over 3 months. I’m curious how it is over the last month. I think both metrics are horrible but the best we have to gauge without actually looking at the actual statistics. Another reason why the Alexa is probably less affected is because most people using plurk probably use the Alexa tool bar. I know the tool bar has less weight then before but I still believe it has some. Webmaster / Early Adopter / Geeky stuff always ranks higher its’ where the geeks w/ the tool bars hang!

First I think it makes sense for it to be tapering down a bit. It had it’s initial “introduction” and many people checked it out; opened an account used it. Some continue to use it while others most likely moved on. I know I do that with most social media networks I join. I just like plurk a lot more so I stick around. Obviously Plurk has a GREAT ACTIVE community but my question is how many NEW plurkers are coming in and really joining the party?

I do think that Needy Karma is the biggest detractor to casual / new users using the system. I also think that Plurk may be asking too much of its community; sometimes I feel like I’m being used. Do you know any other sites that demand you use the site 4X a day plus to stay in “Good standings”?

Another reason I think plurk could be losing some traction is because of the new front page.

Old Plurk Front Page

When I saw that for the first time besides the word “EMO” I loved it. I was intrigued it was something NEW. Now they have made the front page look so generic like they unzipped some script and made their own “Social Media Network”. It just doesn’t look original it looks generic which is too bad considering Plurk is anything but generic. Ok ok this probably isn’t a valid reason but I just thought I’d throw it out there as I really dislike the new front page.

I think Plurk is going to be alright and continue to grow but I just thought I’d mention this as it’s something I noticed and thought I’d share.

What can we as the community do to help? Well if you have a blog; blog about it. Just write anything about why you like it or mention a plurk you liked or anything. Your readers will probably check it out if they trust what you say. Also don’t spend too much time on plurk; haha. I know it sounds weird saying that but check your sites are you losing ground while gaining karma? I did for a while heck I wasn’t even posting in my blog forum anymore. The reason I’m pointing this out is if you only spend your time on Plurk how will it grow? Everyone needs to let others know. It would be a shame if this never hit real critical mass.

Stay tuned for more things plurk,

- Rob

P.S I think the Invite code is totally spammy. Imagine telling someone hey you will like this site and then sending them an affiliate link?… That’s what the current system is doing. :D

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