Plurk Haz New Badges - Hooray!

Looks like PLURK A-Team is up to it again; more badges yay! The new badges are the ones for Plurk Nirvana and for over 50 fans.

Plurk Nirvana Badge Plurk Over 50 Fans Badge

I like the Plurk Nirvana one but don’t like the Fans one. I hope one day the Plurk A-Team will come on the PlurkCAST and fill us all in on their vision.

Are we supposed to make friends or fans? I don’t get it. You get penalized if you add a friend and they fan you. Now you get a badge for rejecting people and making them fans? If there was no karma loss and no benefits of fans more people would become friends, which I feel is the number one reason for these types of sites to exist. You make friends, you form collaborations you grow.

I’m curious to see what the next badges are; if they are trying to curb spam I sincerely hope it’s not for “Number of plurks” or “Number of responses”.

Stay tuned for more things plurk,


P.S They also added color to some of the Plurk Buddies which looks pretty cool. If you check my profile you’ll see I’m rocking the snot green… (No clue its name).

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