What Haz Happend to Private Plurks?

Just like the title says… Where haz Private Plurks gone?? I was online about a week ago when Nethead broke the news that new windows were appearing without the private plurk function. I had noticed something similar at the same time and when I refreshed really knew what he meant; I had no more private plurks button.

That being said it’s been a while now that they have been gone. Let’s get serious; social media is cool but the one of the points in friending someone is so you can talk to them privately. You don’t need to follow, fan, friend anyone to simply throw your $0.02 in their plurks. I think part of the reason social media is so popular is because with a simple friend request your not really friends but you are a distant acquaintance and if need be can send them a private note. Also somewhat related I think lot’s of hilarious plurks people don’t want to share with the world get sent through private plurks and if you have a few friends your bound to find some interesting ones.

I’ve been away from plurk for a while; actually just away from the computer. Doing things in my life, taking vacation and just enjoying an active summer lifestyle before the snow falls and we’re all trapped inside again. Last night I noticed that the private plurks were still not there so I decided to plurk about the fate of private plurks. Sure enough like anything in life there is always plan B.

Turns out they disabled it to ease the load on the servers. YES!! That’s a good sign that plurk is growing and let’s get serious this is summer in North America; it’s usually a slow time as everyone is out doing what I described I was doing in the last paragraph. If you want to check your private plurks simply go to the plurk mobile page and you can check them there. Thanks KDFrawg for explaining this to me.

Let’s hope they get private plurks back up in the near future and continue to grow. Sure I’m assuming they are growing but why not? It’s a sick user interface and should only be a matter of time until everyone uses it.

Stay tuned for more things plurk,

- Rob

P.S Turns out I missed the plurkCAST, video PlurkCAST etc etc… If you want to know what happened last week check out Plurkiverse for now.

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