Private Plurks & Popular Plurkers Here

Busy day or so in the plurkiverse for those of you that tune in daily. Looks like private plurks tab is back so the cliques can begin again and the interesting plurkers page has a Popular tab and most recent.

I decided to see how far I had fallen down the most viewed on interesting plurkers when to my surprise I saw a new tab! Turns out there is a popular tab now which well dictates the ~50 most popular plurkers. What I want to know what is what defines popular?

It can’t just be most followed as that’s already covered; I’m thinking it’s some sort of hybrid. I definitely would of thought the number of followers you have plays somewhat into the equation; it doesn’t seem to though. Maybe they have found a way to ratio the average number of replies per plurk? I’d really like to hear everyone’s thoughts on what the “popular” algorithm consists of.

The most recent tab at the bottom far right next to most responded may or may not of been there before. I am NOT known for paying attention to detail; my head is usually far in the clouds but I did just notice it. Not much a use except if your bored and or new and want to join a conversation quickly you can be sure that the people listed on most recent are probably still online. This could also be a great way to make new friends…

In lesser news but of greater importance to many I’m sure the private plurks tab is back. Sure sure you could check it on the mobile page but who remembers to do that? Heck many people forget to check even when it’s got it’s own proper tab on the line. What next plurk? How about making the private tab turn a color when you have a new private? Or what about a new color when there is a new private addressed ONLY to you? We all get many that are sent to everyone and if you don’t reply it’s no big deal; if someone sends one to you and only you it’s almost seen as rude not to reply or acknowledge. That is of course unless the person is a cyber stalker / can’t take a hint kinda guy and in that case ignoring is totally fine if not recommended! :D

That’s it for now; if you have any ideas on how the popular page is compiled please let us know in comments.

Stay tuned for more things plurk,

- Rob

EDIT: I checked back on the popular page and everything had changed. Looks like it’s geo-targeted now. I only saw Canadians on the the list. I’m curious if it was like that all along or just recently changed. Would be cool if you could browse by country and one for international. Actually that would be cool for all current ratings. Something else of interest is it looks like there is room to add more features under this current layout for interesting plurkers and plurks.

Since it’s only plurkers reading this; here is the plurk as it obviously generates more conversation.

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