Email Notification for Single Private Plurks?

Hey everyone,

I’ve been continuing to use Plurk but also branching off into other networks as well. Today’s topic goes back to the issue of private plurks and notification.

If we got notified every time we go a new private message on plurk it would be insane as many people send out large group messages. However this has more to do about the single private plurk messages that are sent in the system; shouldn’t the receiver be notified by email?

Reason why I’m thinking about this is I want to message someone something. I talk with them mostly on Plurk but if I want them to get my private message and actually check it out I figured I had to go with twitter. With twitter when you send a direct message the person is notified in their email. I LIKE that feature.

That’s all I really have to say. It would be great if Plurk could make a mod so that if a private message is sent to only 1 recipient; the recipient gets notified by email.

What do you think?

Stay tuned for more things plurk!

- Rob aka Bloggeries