Slow Slow November at Plurkable

Hello, Salut, Hola,

I’m writing this because I haven’t written anything on the Plurk subject for much too long. Also since I believe this blog will be around for a very long time much like Plurk; why not have atleast 1 post a month!?

If you look at my profile you’ll notice I’m not using Plurk all that often anymore. It’s not that I don’t like plurk; it’s just a phase. It’s natural to move from network to network; forum to forum. You always come back to those you like though.

My #1 Question: When the heck am I going to get email notifications for solo private plurks?

I think plurk is sorta useless as a communication method beyond the public timeline if we aren’t getting notified when someone sends us a solitary private plurk. It means they want a response. On Twitter if someone doesn’t reply to a DM of mine I’m assuming they saw it and chose not to. I mean they DID get an email about it. Not the case on Plurk. I don’t even bother sending private plurks of that nature for this very reason. It’s lame. Did we really get that annoying BEEP whenever we get new plurks instead of this feature? I’m assuming the BEEP was really easy because if not I have no clue why it would take priority.

Ok it’s not ALL bad. Why do I like plurk? Well actually I love the plurk network because unlike twitter you can say “whatever” then reply to it as many times as you wish and engage in a conversation without sending lot’s of noise to everyone else who follows your activities. Try and reply to 5-15 people on twitter without filling your entire front page of tweets. It’s just not setup as well as plurk for conversations imo. That being said plurk did come after twitter; but who really cares.

I’m also a little concerned. The for plurk hasn’t really gone up over the last 2 updates if I’m correct. I think that means that many people are coming as leaving if they are still having good signup rates.

I know that I have ~2000+ plurker’s in my timeline and on any given “check” it’s usually the same people. I’d be curious to know more about plurk’s stats but I doubt that will happen. I’ve also noticed several higher profile members who used to use the site aren’t using it anymore. It’s too bad as they had very good reach in these networks. I’ve said it once I’ll say it again. While Karma reinforces and is seen as a positive to some hardcore members; it’s seen as a negative and annoying to most imo. I was almost at Nirvana but I let it drift down because well I think its lame. There are 10000’s of networking sites to choose from. Why make one with such a demanding requirement? People will just go elsewhere; which I believe they are doing.

Looks like I’ve satisfied my November quota; hopefully I’ll start using Plurk more often again and have more to write about it.

Stay tuned for more things plurk,