Plurk Not Growing? Why?

I am a bit of a junky. I always check to see how much traffic sites get. In fact I have the toolbar installed on almost every PC that I use. Sometime today the traffic scores updated and sadly Plurk’s went down.

Plurk’s has gone down 19% according to this metric to ~256,000. Compete is by no means accurate but it’s an indication of trends. Why is Plurk losing people?

I think plurk is continuing to decline for several reasons. Here they are:

1) Plurk is totally original but it’s main page screams generic.
2) The main page has no video on how / why to use this radically new network.
3) Where is the promotion? I have not seen / heard ANYTHING about Plurk … Anywhere.
4) Karma is a B!tch. I’ve noticed most of the Social Media Influencer’s have stopped using Plurk.
5) The Private messages are awesome but lame; no notification AT ALL. That can kill a relationship

There are more but this is enough of a rant for now. Basically I think Plurk needs to get more out there. Have the guys attended any shows? Have they done anything besides ” build it and they will come”? I hope this doesn’t come off as negative. I really do like plurk but if you’re a social media type you have to go where PEOPLE ARE. Where you will constantly meet NEW PEOPLE. I’m not seeing that on plurk. It had a HUGE SURGE in the beginning of Summer 08. In June a few influential Twitter users mentioned plurk and many people moved over. Since then I think the majority have moved back to Twitter.

There are many factors which could explain this but I think it all boils down to Karma being a massive turn off. Does Plurk want a handful of people living on the site or millions of people using the site at their leisure? The admins should think where the service is going and who they want to use it.

It would be a crying shame if Plurk just drifted into the “Gave Twitter a run but got forgotten” category. NOW is the time to do something. So what do you think about Karma?