Salman Khan stumps Karan Johar

Salman Khan stumps Karan Johar as he spills the beans about Shah Rukh Khan

After years of dogding and chasing, Bollywood actor Salman Khan finally appeared on the opening episode of Karan Johar hit chat show Koffee With Karan 4 on Sunday.

While Salman looked composed and calm,canada goose norge butikker the usually chatty Karan seemed a bit cowed down in the Dabanng actor presence.

He admitted that wedding cards for him and his former flame Sangeeta Bijlani were printed but it was all called off because she caught him cheating on her.

When asked how he handles exes, the eternal bachelor said, “I try and run away from them. I don face them sure by that it would mean you cannot look me in the eye and all. But that not the point. The point is now you somewhere else. You have your own life. I don want that somewhere in somebody else mind that thought about ex boyfriend you know.”

But he quickly added that there was no running away from Sangeeta Bijlani as she was like family to him.

When Karan asked him how comfortable he is with the current boyfriends of his exes, he quipped, “I thank them for taking good care of them.”

While talking about his relationship with Shah Rukh Khan, Salman made it clear that the two have resolved their differences now and though they may not be the best of friends, he will always have love and respect for Shah Rukh.