Two Cool Plurk Sites You Should Visit

I was doing my usual plurk lurkin this morning and I noticed that my site ranked for “Plurk Administrator” so I plurked about it obviously then went into stats and noticed people using a few other plurk terms that my forum was ranking for.

Long story short in the search results I became aware of two lesser known Plurk fan sites worth visiting.They are both run by knorcedger and they are called Plurk Mania and onPlurk

Plurk Mania is very similar to the more well known Plurkerati. I’m not sure which one I like more; I definitely like how Plurk Mania organizes the information. Definitely worth checking out.

onPlurk is pretty cool as well it’s a place to bookmark your favorite plurks and discover new interesting plurks. I believe it’s using the PLIGG system which is what most Digg clones are using. This could be an interesting way to see what’s hot in the Plurkosphere if it really picks up. I’m not much for submitting to social media sites but I’m definitely one to read them.

The weird thing is having been on plurk almost 3 months I think this may be the first time I ever really visited these sites. This got me thinking I wonder how many others are out there?

If you know of some other incredibly plurky sites please post them in the comments here.

Stay tuned for more things plurk,

- Rob

Plinks - 07-29-2008

I just realized that the plinks haven’t been updated in over a month; time to change that. I also just realized that I should be more careful as I had this 95% done then by accident clicked the X on my firefox tab without noticing. The horror!

Interesting Plurk Statistics - This was the catalyst for this.

I don’t care for these statistics much but they are there none the less. We all know Alexa and some of the other metrics used are flaky. They are still some of the best horrible metrics we have to use.

Welcome Back Plurker

Written by KDFrawg and company over at Plurkiverse. Give it a listen and I believe it’s the very first Plurk inspired song ever produced? Wow!

Updates Out For Plurk Mobile

I have never used plurk mobile but have heard early reports that it was clunky and cumbersome to use. Hopefully these new updates will make mobile plurking easier. Eventually everyone will be plurking from a mobile I believe. (If they own one that is).

Plurk Tips & Tricks 1 - Name Linking

I was going to say pretty basic and mainly for someone totally new to plurk. Then I saw the creator drag a name into the box and erase most of the URL and add the @. I had no clue you could do it like that. Being a fast typer I’ll probably just freestyle it but it’s good to know; just learned something new.

Plurk is Conversation Centered - Twitter is User Centered

Interesting bloggery about how Plurk is about conversations while twitter is about users. I liked how Jane mentioned she’s never had a conversation on twitter more than 2 replies deep. Come to think of it I don’t have many of that caliber or much further. It’s simply too difficult and half the time I have no clue which tweet they are replying to anyways unless the explain. Problem with explaining is it takes most of your 140 characters and leaves no room for the actual reply; I digress.

Plurk Vs Twitter - Not the same, here is why

Thoughts on the differences between Plurk and Twitter from features to behavioral patterns by Tamar.

That’s about it for now in terms of plinks. Turns out the first version I wrote of this had a few more plinks but no summaries. Looking at this finished piece I like the summaries and will continue to try and include brief ones for each plink I list. I guess everything really does happen for a reason?

Tomorrow there should be some new bloggeries as well as one about the PlurkCAST.

Stay tuned for more things plurk,


Plink Time!

Time for another Plinks Post (Plinks = Plurk Related Links). Todays Plinks will also be discussed on the PlurkCAST, which airs this afternoon at 4:00 PM central time.


-Plurk & The Blogosphere
Plurk, it’s the newest addiction on the internet. It’s allows people to meet, chat, and develop friendships that otherwise would not be possible. Plurk has allowed me to meet many people from across the world; there is nothing like seeing people from Australian say “good morning” as you Read the rest of this entry…

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Are you Plurkrolled?

We’ve started a thread over on Plurk for bloggers to plug their URL’s. Join in on the fun and add your blog!

Oh! And don’t forget to Plurk the link to the Plurkroll thread so others know it’s there.

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Friday Plink Love 06-13-08

Enjoy your Friday dose of Plurk related links and have a great weekend!

-Now that was a Plurking HOOT!
-Plurkiverse (we’re still curious as to why Plurkiverse used the same theme as us, but oh well. Hopefully it was just coincidence.)
-Is Plurk’s Karma System Distorting the Discourse?
-The Main Difference Between Twitter and Plurk

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