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It has been 1 full year since we updated here at “Plurkable”, that is disgusting. I’ve been meaning to make a meaningful post for quite some time. It is on its way so stay tuned.

If you’re new to plurk, considering it, just join it. It’s “same same but different” to many other networks. The threaded conversations is something I find truly innovative and facilitates conversations instead of just “shout outs” if you will.

Stay tuned and what do YOU like about Plurk?

PlurkCAST Contest… you could win!

PlurkCASTHere it is… the much anticipated July PlurkCAST contest!

What is it?
The PlurkCAST Contest is a contest for all Plurkers. You’ll be able to win prizes such as t-shirts, games, movie tickets, online guides, advertising and more!

The contest will take place live on the air during the weekly PlurkCAST at 4:00 PM Central, 5:00 PM Eastern on Wednesdays. Winners will be randomly chosen (see rules explained below)

How can I win?
The purpose of this contest is to help promote the PlurkCAST show. The show will move to a video, live stream format in August, and we hope to have several hundred Plurkers tuning in live by that time. So, in order to maximize the contest promotion possibilities, we’ve created a ticket system that will give you multiple chances to win.

Below you will see a list of actions you can take to get drawing tickets. Each ticket will be assigned a number. On the show KDFrawg will choose a number randomly for each prize (he will not know what number is assigned to each ticket), and I will look up that number to determine the winner of each prize.

1) Plurk about the contest and link to this post = Two tickets
If you Plurk about the contest, including a link to this post, you’ll get two tickets.

2) Plurk about PlurkCAST = Three tickets
That’s right… we need all the attention for PlurkCAST we can get! We want our chat room bustling with action, and we want as many Plurkers calling in as possible. If you Plurk about the PlurkCAST, linking to the official PlurkCAST page, you’ll pick up an extra three tickets. (PlurkCAST URL:

3) Sign up for e-mail updates to = One ticket
In the upper right you will see an area where you can subscribe to our online updates via e-mail. If you subscribe, you’ll get another ticket

4) Join Plurk Junkies on Facebook = One ticket
If you’re already a member of Plurk Junkies please let us know in your comment on this post and you’ll still get the ticket.

This gives you SEVEN chances to win!!!

Finally, and most importantly (we’ll get to the prizes in a moment), you MUST comment on this post to be eligible. In your comment you want to use the same e-mail address you use to sign up for e-mail updates, and you want to include your Plurk user profile URL, as well as your Facebook use rname. This way we can check to ensure you get your tickets.

What are the prizes for week one? (Note: More prizes for week one will be added on Tuesday, July 1st, 2008)

1) Advertising on
You’ll get one of the square banner spots in the right side bar all to your self for a full month! You can use this space to advertise your blog, your website, or your plurk profile. We get about 10,000 unique visits per month, so this will give you some great exposure.

2) A Plurkable T-Shirt
Yep… you can win your very own Plurkable t-shirt. We’re giving one away every week during the month of July.

3) A copy of the SEO Handbook (via theGypsy)
Designed to be a concise eBook that covers all the major SEO including on-site and off-site approaches, it incorporates the most effective and up-to-date concepts, theories and tactics for 2008.

4) Free Fandango Movie Tickets
Want to see a movie with a friend for free? Sign up for the PlurkCAST contest and it just might happen!

5) Custom Logo Design via
- Logo design (vector files included);
- Business card and letterhead design;

(Note: Prize #2 and #4 are limited to US residents at this time)

Remember, you MUST leave a comment here including your plurk profile, facebook user name, and you need to use the e-mail addy you used to sign up for updates (if you did).

This week’s contest entry period ends at 2:30 PM central time on Wednesday, July 2nd, 2008. This gives you 48 hours to join in on the fun!

Good luck, and Plurk hard!

-Eric Odom

Eric, KDFrawg, and the PlurkCast would like to present a complete blogging package to someone that really wants to blog, but can’t easily afford it. Eric will pay for the domain name for a year and KDFrawg will install WordPress, customize a theme so that it is really unique to the user, and host it for free on his site. Between us, we’ll give that person what they need to get started. We are sure that someone needs this to get a start, and we would love to help out the right person. Let’s do this right. Write us a 200+ word reason why you think the winner should be you, and sent it to Eric and I will pick a winner in 14 days.


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Plurk Junkies Facebook Group

Plurk JinkiesYeah, Yeah… is still not fully online. We know, and it sucks. We’re working on it though.

In the meantime you can Plurk on over to the new Plurk Junkies Facebook Group and join in on the networking action. Be sure to leave your Plurk profile link in the discussion thread and post any good tips or tricks you come across.

Plurk Hard,

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