Use Plurkpix to Host Your Plurk Images

I’m a little late on posting about Plurkpix, but better late than never, right? Actually, I have several other projects running at once so Plurkable has been quiet over the past week. That being said, we’re ready to get caught up and start posting again.

PlurkpixSo let’s kick off the new round of posts for some love for Plurkpix, a new service that allows you to easily and quickly upload images, providing you with a image URL that you can use when plurking.

Now when you need an image in plurk, all you need to do is go to Plurkpix, browse to your image, click the upload button, and copy the URL provided. Pretty sweet!

Also, martinbogo has done a great job of setting the site up, and he has some expenses involved in the hosting of the site. If you have a few extra bucks and like the Plurkpix setup, please consider donating to the site to help pay the hosting bill.

-Eric Odom

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Two Great New Tools for Plurkers

Have a blog and a website? Want to share your Plurky stats and information with your readers? If you answered yes… you’re going to LOVE these two tools!

1) Plurkcounter
Plurkcounter creates a widget that shows the number of followers you have on Plurk. The one below is mine, so you can see how easy it is to paste in to your site/blog.

My Plurk Follower Counter

2) Karma Ticker
This tool shows your karma and can be put in a sidebar, in a post, or anywhere else on your site or blog.

My plurk karma

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I Can Haz Search

Another sneaky feature appears on today; it’s time to search! Yes, Plurk now has a search utility which allows users to search their own timelines, other people’s Plurks and for other humans in Plurkistan. It’s a tiny icon located on the lower right hand corner of your timeline. Read the rest of this entry…

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Five Great Plurk Tools

Hello fellow Plurk Fans!

Thomas McMahon here, aka TwisterMc, and I’d like to share a few of my recent Plurk creations.

First off is the Plurk Firefox sidebar. This Firefox extension takes the mobile version of Plurk and adds it to Firefox’s sidebar for quick and easy access to Plurk. Works cross platform and in Firefox 2 & 3.

Second is the Plurk Lurker Search. In the beginning, there was no fancy API or Read the rest of this entry…

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Pollk, polls and surveys in plurk

What’s Pollk?

Easily you can identify from its name what is its attitude:
POLL purK in a more readable way Pollk allows you to start polls or surveys quickly and plurk them on your messages.

The main core of this web app is powered by Google App Engine, the new free framework by Google, and graphs are generated by Google Chart Api

You can start a survey in less than a minute, you have only to point your browser to Pollk fill the form and press create poll.

Now you have only to copy the outputs in your plurk message and the poll is ready!

Everyone of your readers is now able to vote directly hitting the links in your message and you can see the polls results thanks to the image linked in the first post.

I hope you like my work, if you want to suggest any feature or notify any bug please contact me on or directly on plurk ( gh3 plurk profile )

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Plurk Karma Secrets Unraveled

Plurk KarmaPlurk Karma is an interesting little creature. We constantly tell ourselves it isn’t really important, yet we can’t wait to see the next update. Many of our peers and fellow Plurkers say not to worry about it because Karma is designed to benefit those without motive of personal reward.

Ignoring Karma would be easy to do, if it actually worked the way real Karma should… but it doesn’t. Let’s take a look at the Wikipedia entry for the word Karma.

Through the law of karma, the effects of all deeds actively create past, present, and future experiences, thus making one responsible for one’s own life, and the pain and joy it brings to him/her and others.

The flaw of Plurk Karma is that it has rules. If you don’t follow these rules, your Karma drops. Traditional Karma operates in a random manner that rewards good deeds that do not have selfish motive, yet Plurk Karma does the complete opposite. In fact, most, if not all Plurkers take actions that bring Karma because they know it will bring Karma. And if we as Plurkers do not follow the rules set forth by the Karma gods, our Karma will fall.

So it’s important to note up front that Plurk Karma in no way operates like real Karma. It never has, and it likely never will.

If Karma is not important to you, and you see no need to work on keeping it on the upward slope, the rest of this post will probably not be for you. If you do, however, wish to succeed in Karma, read on. Read the rest of this entry…

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The Plurk Karma Algo

Plurk ALGODarren Rowse recently put together a post about the average stats of all top Plurkers. The following are the averages he posted.

* # of Plurks - 838
* # of Plur Responses - 3477
* # of Friend Invites - 10.2
* # of Profile Views - 689
* # of Friends - 82
* # of Fans - 56
* Length of time on Plurk - 3 months
* Also worth noting - all of the top 10 had logged in and been active within the last 24 hours. They are all active in the short term as the long term

My read from this is that by constantly staying active and being conversational, your karma will stay on the positive move.

Here is where it gets interesting… thanks to Plurk Karma Trends, I’ve discovered that your Karma will drop by simply not logging in for a day or two. You can see my Plurk User Karma Trend Graph here.

As the graph shows, my Karma started to drop Sunday morning when I began traveling to Wisconsin. Then, yesterday I went the entire day without access to wifi or internet. It wasn’t until today that I got a chance to log back in and start Plurking again.

Sure enough… my Karma is back on the rise.

So while we do not know the ALGO for Plurk Karma, we do know that it is heavily based on constant activity.

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