Goodbye PlurkCAST my old friend…

It’s official … PlurkCAST’s are officially dead. However PlurkTalks has been created!

Basically Eric is off the grid and our friend KDFrawg has been running them solo for quite sometime now always generously mentioning Plurkable as part of the casts. I don’t blame Mike for deciding to change it to PlurkTalks… Really there isn’t much left of the original PlurkCasts. PlurkCasts were on talkshoe; Mike has since moved the platform to Stickam and has been doing everything for the last few months.

I’d like to thank KD for all the help and exposure he’s given to a) plurk b) plurkable. Also considering he’s doing everything and doing it alone; he might as well make his own version and go that route.

So it’s that time… Everything must come to an end and the PlurkCAST’s are no more. Be sure to check out Plurkiverse for further details.

PlurkCAST Aug 13 2008 Summary

I’m listening to last night’s PlurkCAST which went on regardless of Eric still being out of commission and me still having no way to contact the talk shoe other than my cell phone. At $0.25 a minute normal air time and additional $0.25 a minute for long distance it becomes expensive; especially when you’re already WAY over your limit for being a chatty Cathy.

Seriously huge thanks to KDFrawg of Plurkiverse as once again he ran things and made sure the show “must go on”. Also big thanks to ThoughtWrong of MyPleeps for co-hosting.

Some of the topics included: Plurk Privacy Updates, Plurkshops, MyPleeps, Monetizing Plurk.

I want to hear about monetizing plurk. Thing is I think the way to monetize plurk is similar to monetizing most social media sites. Share relevant information that plurkers would be interested in; if someone comes to the site and signs up through an ad etc… Bingo $$$. So it’s a passive approach; I think the hard sale would get you shunned in no time. I can think of a few plurkers who have already been blocked :D

That being said; time for this plurker to finish listening to the PlurkCAST; if you’re not extremely busy why not check it out?

Stay tuned for more things plurk,

- Rob

Today’s PlurkCAST - New Venue!

Looks like it’s going to be YET another emergency PlurkCAST today. Eric is off the grid and I don’t even have internet at my house(single tear). Luckily as per usual the rock when it comes to PlurkCAST’s KDFrawg is going to run it again.

For full details please visit Plurkiverse. Also even if you’re not into the PlurkCAST go check out Plurkiverse anyways; if you like plurk chances are you’ll like the blog.

PlurkCAST - 06-08-2008

Although Eric and I missed it, once again KDFrawg held down the fort and ran an entertaining and informative PlurkCAST.

Click below to listen to the entire recording.

Coming up most likely next week will be some more Plinks and other bloggeries I’ve been thinking of. Why wasn’t Eric there? He’s part of a political movement gathering major steam. Check his plurk’s for further details.

Stay tuned for more things Plurk,

- Rob

EDIT: Turns out Amix was listening in. So Amir… Does this mean we can pick your brain on an upcoming episode sometime? ;)

PlurkCAST Summary: 07-30-2008

EricOdom and KDFrawg put together another entertaining and informative plurkCAST yesterday. These two work well together and have good online persona’s. To think they only met a few weeks ago; on plurk! Think about yourself for a minute; how many people that you now interact with daily did you meet on plurk? Probably quite a few.

As per usual there was lot’s of discussions and interesting points brought up by several plurkers on a wide array of topics. I could go into details about the conversation but instead I invite you to listen to the podcast below.

Stay tuned for more things plurk,

- Rob

Final July PlurkCAST TODAY!!

It’s Wednesday and it’s 1:15 PM Central time… which means that is just hours away from yet another PlurkCAST!

Join PlurkCAST host Eric Odom and KDFrawg as we discuss the month of July in review for the Plurk community, and talk about all the Plurk.

As usual, the show kicks off at 5:00 PM Eastern Time, 4:00 Central. You can join us live here on the official PlurkCAST show page.

Today’s Topics:
-Plurk Mobile Upgrade
-Needy Karma
-7/29 Plinks List

Plus many more topics as well as live calls taken. If you have something you want to talk about on the show, be sure to call in and be ready to come on live.

Phone Number: (724) 444-7444
Call ID: 21651

Or CLICK HERE for the online show site.

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Friday PlurkCAST Summary

There was a special PlurkCAST today discussing several aspects of Plurk as well as a change in management at Plurkable. If you’d like to listen to the plurkCAST please do so below.

It was a fun show discussing the new profile CSS customization, third party applications, plurk blog network and more.

Stay tuned for all things plurk,