Now that Plurk is picking up some serious interest from all realms of the interwebs, several Plurky sites are coming online. Of course, you have us here at Plurkable… hoping to bring you the latest and greatest from Plurk. And now you also have Plurktionary, which provides a quick and easy guide to the Plurk interface and terminology.

Plirktionary, like us, is just getting started, so don’t expect to see super high octane content at every corner, but they’re working on it and doing a Plurk of a job. Check out the list from the Terminology page:

Somone who Plurks

A Plurker that Plurks instead of dealing with “Real Life”

Plurkers that lurk in the shadows waiting for the Plurkinista to appear.

The Plurk Universe and all that it contains

There is lots more over there, so go check out Plirktionary if you get a chance.

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