Plurk Not Growing? Why?

I am a bit of a junky. I always check to see how much traffic sites get. In fact I have the toolbar installed on almost every PC that I use. Sometime today the traffic scores updated and sadly Plurk’s went down.

Plurk’s has gone down 19% according to this metric to ~256,000. Compete is by no means accurate but it’s an indication of trends. Why is Plurk losing people?

I think plurk is continuing to decline for several reasons. Here they are:

1) Plurk is totally original but it’s main page screams generic.
2) The main page has no video on how / why to use this radically new network.
3) Where is the promotion? I have not seen / heard ANYTHING about Plurk … Anywhere.
4) Karma is a B!tch. I’ve noticed most of the Social Media Influencer’s have stopped using Plurk.
5) The Private messages are awesome but lame; no notification AT ALL. That can kill a relationship

There are more but this is enough of a rant for now. Basically I think Plurk needs to get more out there. Have the guys attended any shows? Have they done anything besides ” build it and they will come”? I hope this doesn’t come off as negative. I really do like plurk but if you’re a social media type you have to go where PEOPLE ARE. Where you will constantly meet NEW PEOPLE. I’m not seeing that on plurk. It had a HUGE SURGE in the beginning of Summer 08. In June a few influential Twitter users mentioned plurk and many people moved over. Since then I think the majority have moved back to Twitter.

There are many factors which could explain this but I think it all boils down to Karma being a massive turn off. Does Plurk want a handful of people living on the site or millions of people using the site at their leisure? The admins should think where the service is going and who they want to use it.

It would be a crying shame if Plurk just drifted into the “Gave Twitter a run but got forgotten” category. NOW is the time to do something. So what do you think about Karma?

Slow Slow November at Plurkable

Hello, Salut, Hola,

I’m writing this because I haven’t written anything on the Plurk subject for much too long. Also since I believe this blog will be around for a very long time much like Plurk; why not have atleast 1 post a month!?

If you look at my profile you’ll notice I’m not using Plurk all that often anymore. It’s not that I don’t like plurk; it’s just a phase. It’s natural to move from network to network; forum to forum. You always come back to those you like though.

My #1 Question: When the heck am I going to get email notifications for solo private plurks?

I think plurk is sorta useless as a communication method beyond the public timeline if we aren’t getting notified when someone sends us a solitary private plurk. It means they want a response. On Twitter if someone doesn’t reply to a DM of mine I’m assuming they saw it and chose not to. I mean they DID get an email about it. Not the case on Plurk. I don’t even bother sending private plurks of that nature for this very reason. It’s lame. Did we really get that annoying BEEP whenever we get new plurks instead of this feature? I’m assuming the BEEP was really easy because if not I have no clue why it would take priority.

Ok it’s not ALL bad. Why do I like plurk? Well actually I love the plurk network because unlike twitter you can say “whatever” then reply to it as many times as you wish and engage in a conversation without sending lot’s of noise to everyone else who follows your activities. Try and reply to 5-15 people on twitter without filling your entire front page of tweets. It’s just not setup as well as plurk for conversations imo. That being said plurk did come after twitter; but who really cares.

I’m also a little concerned. The for plurk hasn’t really gone up over the last 2 updates if I’m correct. I think that means that many people are coming as leaving if they are still having good signup rates.

I know that I have ~2000+ plurker’s in my timeline and on any given “check” it’s usually the same people. I’d be curious to know more about plurk’s stats but I doubt that will happen. I’ve also noticed several higher profile members who used to use the site aren’t using it anymore. It’s too bad as they had very good reach in these networks. I’ve said it once I’ll say it again. While Karma reinforces and is seen as a positive to some hardcore members; it’s seen as a negative and annoying to most imo. I was almost at Nirvana but I let it drift down because well I think its lame. There are 10000’s of networking sites to choose from. Why make one with such a demanding requirement? People will just go elsewhere; which I believe they are doing.

Looks like I’ve satisfied my November quota; hopefully I’ll start using Plurk more often again and have more to write about it.

Stay tuned for more things plurk,

Email Notification for Single Private Plurks?

Hey everyone,

I’ve been continuing to use Plurk but also branching off into other networks as well. Today’s topic goes back to the issue of private plurks and notification.

If we got notified every time we go a new private message on plurk it would be insane as many people send out large group messages. However this has more to do about the single private plurk messages that are sent in the system; shouldn’t the receiver be notified by email?

Reason why I’m thinking about this is I want to message someone something. I talk with them mostly on Plurk but if I want them to get my private message and actually check it out I figured I had to go with twitter. With twitter when you send a direct message the person is notified in their email. I LIKE that feature.

That’s all I really have to say. It would be great if Plurk could make a mod so that if a private message is sent to only 1 recipient; the recipient gets notified by email.

What do you think?

Stay tuned for more things plurk!

- Rob aka Bloggeries

Why Plurk Really Kicks It - Cliques!

I just recently got back from Blog World and Plurk got no love. I mean the term was almost non existent and there certainly wasn’t much discussion around it. Twitter is where everyone chooses to spend most of their time and I can see why.

Twitter is the biggest bar in town. If you’re going to go “get social” you’re going to twitter. If you aren’t at least including twitter in your list of spots; you’re going to miss most of the party. The number of people on twitter and on it a lot is staggering. Plurk is growing but it’s not the Goliath that is twitter.

What makes plurk a worthy competitor and something totally different besides the GUI? It’s Cliques. On twitter how am you going to talk to a “crew”? Presumably if you have lot’s of friends you’re going to have lot’s of “crews” and be a member of varying activity in all of them. Plurk allows you to chat with ease with a crew of 3 or your entire friends list totally off the public time-line. Imagine trying to generate a good yet still confidential(to some extent) discussion through only direct messaging?

Some would say you could coordinate through email or other networking sites. To that I say you’re right; you could. Thing with plurk is you don’t need to know / give away your email for basic conversation. It makes “being friends” a lot easier in every way.

For a while at Plurk cliques weren’t working properly. For whatever reason people stopped using it as much and my interest began to wane. Now that it’s back I’m seeing lot’s of productive as well as fun group private messages come through my cliques.

Bottom line is if you aren’t on Twitter (@Bloggeries) - Get on it. If you aren’t tapping into the stored “offline” online information pool and power of cliques - Get on it!

Stay tuned for more things plurk,

- Rob

Plurk Should Upgrade Private Plurks

Basically if you get a lot of private plurks, most are group sent to you and 50+ other plurkers. Not replying isn’t required or expected from everyone. However if someone sends one EXCLUSIVELY to you; they probably expect / hoping for a direct reply.

The current problem is that these plurks sent just to you are being lost in the noise of all the others. Checking every private plurk is as logical as checking every single plurk on your timeline. This issue becomes increasingly problematic the more friends you have.

Proposed solution? Make private plurks that are just sent to one person a different color and/or make them always stay at the front of timeline before group ones until they are checked. This will give them the priority they deserve over the mass recipient ones.

I’ve started a plurk discussing the issue here.

Stay tuned for more things plurk,

- Rob

Private Plurks & Popular Plurkers Here

Busy day or so in the plurkiverse for those of you that tune in daily. Looks like private plurks tab is back so the cliques can begin again and the interesting plurkers page has a Popular tab and most recent.

I decided to see how far I had fallen down the most viewed on interesting plurkers when to my surprise I saw a new tab! Turns out there is a popular tab now which well dictates the ~50 most popular plurkers. What I want to know what is what defines popular?

It can’t just be most followed as that’s already covered; I’m thinking it’s some sort of hybrid. I definitely would of thought the number of followers you have plays somewhat into the equation; it doesn’t seem to though. Maybe they have found a way to ratio the average number of replies per plurk? I’d really like to hear everyone’s thoughts on what the “popular” algorithm consists of.

The most recent tab at the bottom far right next to most responded may or may not of been there before. I am NOT known for paying attention to detail; my head is usually far in the clouds but I did just notice it. Not much a use except if your bored and or new and want to join a conversation quickly you can be sure that the people listed on most recent are probably still online. This could also be a great way to make new friends…

In lesser news but of greater importance to many I’m sure the private plurks tab is back. Sure sure you could check it on the mobile page but who remembers to do that? Heck many people forget to check even when it’s got it’s own proper tab on the line. What next plurk? How about making the private tab turn a color when you have a new private? Or what about a new color when there is a new private addressed ONLY to you? We all get many that are sent to everyone and if you don’t reply it’s no big deal; if someone sends one to you and only you it’s almost seen as rude not to reply or acknowledge. That is of course unless the person is a cyber stalker / can’t take a hint kinda guy and in that case ignoring is totally fine if not recommended! :D

That’s it for now; if you have any ideas on how the popular page is compiled please let us know in comments.

Stay tuned for more things plurk,

- Rob

EDIT: I checked back on the popular page and everything had changed. Looks like it’s geo-targeted now. I only saw Canadians on the the list. I’m curious if it was like that all along or just recently changed. Would be cool if you could browse by country and one for international. Actually that would be cool for all current ratings. Something else of interest is it looks like there is room to add more features under this current layout for interesting plurkers and plurks.

Since it’s only plurkers reading this; here is the plurk as it obviously generates more conversation.

Plurk Haz New Search!?

Looks like Alvin has been drinking his Innis & Gunn and brought about a new little tweak to the user interface (UI). The tweak is a new search box in the bottom right of the timeline. Some of you “old schoolerz” may remember the little magnified glass that was there previously. Now it’s jut a box that says “I love plurk” with a more straight forward “Search” written afterwards.

I’m glad to see this function back it’s always great to search your name and see what people are saying about you. It’s also helpful to search an interest of yours to find other plurkers who are also into it.

In case you don’t know who Alvin is he’s the genius behind plurk’s intuitive UI. If you really want to get to know the guy beyond the fact that he eats puppies I recommend you read his blog Daily Misery. Also while you’re there you may wish to also view Alvin’s position on why the interface scrolls the way it does. You can read it here and it’s called The Case of Left to Right

Stay tuned for more things plurk,

- Rob