Plurk Karma Secrets Unraveled

Plurk KarmaPlurk Karma is an interesting little creature. We constantly tell ourselves it isn’t really important, yet we can’t wait to see the next update. Many of our peers and fellow Plurkers say not to worry about it because Karma is designed to benefit those without motive of personal reward.

Ignoring Karma would be easy to do, if it actually worked the way real Karma should… but it doesn’t. Let’s take a look at the Wikipedia entry for the word Karma.

Through the law of karma, the effects of all deeds actively create past, present, and future experiences, thus making one responsible for one’s own life, and the pain and joy it brings to him/her and others.

The flaw of Plurk Karma is that it has rules. If you don’t follow these rules, your Karma drops. Traditional Karma operates in a random manner that rewards good deeds that do not have selfish motive, yet Plurk Karma does the complete opposite. In fact, most, if not all Plurkers take actions that bring Karma because they know it will bring Karma. And if we as Plurkers do not follow the rules set forth by the Karma gods, our Karma will fall.

So it’s important to note up front that Plurk Karma in no way operates like real Karma. It never has, and it likely never will.

If Karma is not important to you, and you see no need to work on keeping it on the upward slope, the rest of this post will probably not be for you. If you do, however, wish to succeed in Karma, read on. Read the rest of this entry…

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