Karma or Friends? What Really Matters?

Why are you using Plurk? Are you an angry teenager who wants to show off to his friends with his karma score or are you an internet marketer, engineer, designer, consultant or enthusiast? Are you looking to for another ego stroke that does nothing for you or are you looking to make new connections and create?

Connections are what social media is all about in my mind. Everyone that I know on Plurk now was always online; I just never knew how or where to contact them. Now it’s easy you simply join their conversation and if you feel like it even add them as a friend. That’s how relationships are built; mutual respect.

What kind of stuff can go down through social media? Here’s an example; you run a large resource in a niche and find someone else with a similar one. You talk a bit over social media then go straight to the phone. The result? A new collaboration between two companies that work well together. Another example; meet some people from your niche who are an authority. Just because you aren’t known yet doesn’t make you any less competent. Connect with these people and give them something of value for their site and in return you get added exposure. This is through networking; making friends. Read the rest of this entry…

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