Quick Text Hints for Plurk

Plurk HintsWhen typing the text for your Plurks you’ll find there are many ways to clean up your threads by using simple text tricks. You can use these to go bold, use italics, hyperlink text, underline text, and link to Plurker profiles.

Hyper Linking in Plurk
This is a big one. Plurkers, including myself, should try and get in the habit of cleaning up URL’s and using text based links when Plurking. To do this, add both your link title as well as the full URL. It should look like this when typing it: http://www.plurkable.com (Plurkable)

Making Words Bold
Simply add the ** asterisk symbols before and after a word like this: **word**. Use bold to emphasis words or phrases in your thread replies and Plurks.

Linking User Names to User Accounts
This works the same as Twitter in that you simply use the @ symbol like this: @Username. This will generate a link in the user name that goes directly to the user account/profile.

Underlining Text in Plurks
I’m not exactly sure why you would want or need to do this, but it can be done. Add a double __ underscore symbol before and after a word like this: __word__ will.

Using Italics In Plurks
Italics are another way to emphasis words or phrases, and Plurk allows you to use them whenever you need. To use it just add the * asterisk symbol before and after a word like this: *word*. It’s quick, easy, and works like a charm.


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