Would you attend a PlurkCON?

PlurkCONAfter yesterdays highly successful PlurkCAST I got to thinking about the implications of social networking via Plurk. Plurk is new and just starting to heat up, and I personally believe it will transform in to a far more interactive community than Facebook or Twitter, or any other social network platform. The system is ripe for growth, and has plenty of room for new features and applications. It wouldn’t be difficult at all for Plurk to implement much more in depth social profiles, and they’ve only touched the tip of the ice berg with regards to networking tools.

We’ve heard of meet-ups, right? Heck, I’ve been to a few. We see social networking/new media conferences happening all over the world, but for the most part these are high dollar events that tend to ignore the majority of social networking communities.

Here is my question to you… and this might be a tad ambitious.. but hey I’m an ambitious kind of guy. What if in 2009 there was a PlurkCON? A national gathering of Plurkers and social networking junkies? I’m talking two full days of networking, social media panels, workshops, parties, etc. What if we were able to find sponsors to put on an entire event? And to keep the pricing low, we could even do it as a not-for-profit event.

If this were made a reality, would you try and attend?

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