Plink Time!

Time for another Plinks Post (Plinks = Plurk Related Links). Todays Plinks will also be discussed on the PlurkCAST, which airs this afternoon at 4:00 PM central time.


-Plurk & The Blogosphere
Plurk, it’s the newest addiction on the internet. It’s allows people to meet, chat, and develop friendships that otherwise would not be possible. Plurk has allowed me to meet many people from across the world; there is nothing like seeing people from Australian say “good morning” as you Read the rest of this entry…

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Friday Plink Love 06-13-08

Enjoy your Friday dose of Plurk related links and have a great weekend!

-Now that was a Plurking HOOT!
-Plurkiverse (we’re still curious as to why Plurkiverse used the same theme as us, but oh well. Hopefully it was just coincidence.)
-Is Plurk’s Karma System Distorting the Discourse?
-The Main Difference Between Twitter and Plurk

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