Want to be a top 100 user? A Power Plurker?

Bad news… if you’re not already on the top Plurk user list, you’re going to have a very difficult time ever getting there. In fact, it might be next to impossible thanks to the new Karma ALGO.

Power User

There are two major flaws to the top Plurk user list.

1) It’s based on Karma
Without an official Plurk API, Karma is really all there is to go on now, unfortunately. I’m not in any way bashing on Ryan Lim, who has done a killer job putting the top user list together, especially considering the data he had to work with. But, it is what it is… a top user list based on Karma is just downright wrong.

There are users, for example, who made the top 100 Plurk user list simply because they were the first with high Karma. Some of these “top users” made it there with low numbers of Read the rest of this entry…

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