Two Great New Tools for Plurkers

Have a blog and a website? Want to share your Plurky stats and information with your readers? If you answered yes… you’re going to LOVE these two tools!

1) Plurkcounter
Plurkcounter creates a widget that shows the number of followers you have on Plurk. The one below is mine, so you can see how easy it is to paste in to your site/blog.

My Plurk Follower Counter

2) Karma Ticker
This tool shows your karma and can be put in a sidebar, in a post, or anywhere else on your site or blog.

My plurk karma

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Using Plurk To Cover Events Live

Live CoverageFirst there was live blogging. Live blogging had a profound effect on the way information was transported, as it allowed the masses access to news and opinion as soon as the person blogging could publish the content. Live blogging helped events gain a much larger audience, as the number of attendees could be virtually doubled or tripled simply because blog readers were now included.

But blogging had its limits. Attendees had to have a laptop, and the had to connected to the internet. Plus, they had to have power supply, which as we all know is not always available at a conference.

Text messaging was not effective for live coverage, because it wouldn’t quickly reach masses. This is where Twitter came in. Twitter combined the idea of text messaging with the concept Read the rest of this entry…

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Five Great Plurk Tools

Hello fellow Plurk Fans!

Thomas McMahon here, aka TwisterMc, and I’d like to share a few of my recent Plurk creations.

First off is the Plurk Firefox sidebar. This Firefox extension takes the mobile version of Plurk and adds it to Firefox’s sidebar for quick and easy access to Plurk. Works cross platform and in Firefox 2 & 3.

Second is the Plurk Lurker Search. In the beginning, there was no fancy API or Read the rest of this entry…

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Pollk, polls and surveys in plurk

What’s Pollk?

Easily you can identify from its name what is its attitude:
POLL purK in a more readable way Pollk allows you to start polls or surveys quickly and plurk them on your messages.

The main core of this web app is powered by Google App Engine, the new free framework by Google, and graphs are generated by Google Chart Api

You can start a survey in less than a minute, you have only to point your browser to Pollk fill the form and press create poll.

Now you have only to copy the outputs in your plurk message and the poll is ready!

Everyone of your readers is now able to vote directly hitting the links in your message and you can see the polls results thanks to the image linked in the first post.

I hope you like my work, if you want to suggest any feature or notify any bug please contact me on or directly on plurk ( gh3 plurk profile )

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